03. јануар 2016.

Katharsis : O Lord, where shall I go?

The vocal group "Katharsis"
"O Lord, where shall I go?" - a pious song of those difficult times... (based on John 6:68)

Lyrics (if you have an artistic sense feel free to improve the English translation):

O Lord, where should I go?
When my soul is broken,
And when my heart pours out 
The tormented crying...

Where O Lord, where O Lord, should I escape?
I don't have anybody, don't have anybody to go to...
Only to You, only to You, O My Lord,
I can tell the hard sorrow...

Where can I find mercy
And justice and relief
When there's no one to hear
The heavy sigh of my heart?

Where can I find my forgiveness
When all are treading on my life
Who else than You,
Can help me more?

Where should I go when,
All doors are closed to me,
And when even the most closest
It is colder than a wall?

Only Your hand helps
My heart in its grief,
Only Your mouth kisses
The tears in my eyes...

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