03. април 2018.

ПОБЕДИЛАЦ СМРТИ/The Conqueror of death - documentary with English subtitles

Земља би прсла, да Христос није васкрсао из ње; не би га могла држати у себи. То је сила стварне, небеске, вечне љубави.

Свети владика Николај Велимировић
извор: Sava Janjic

    The Conqueror of Death is a documentary film that describes the days of the so-called Passion Week (the suffering Week, the week in which Christ suffered until death) and Sunday, the day that Christ has resurrected.
   The film is designed so as to explain to a wider audience the implications of these events and the significance of the Resurrection of Christ, and therefore the meaning of Theanthropic feats of salvation.
   The Divine Services and the Monastery life in the days of Passion Week and the Resurrection were recorded by Cinnamon production from Belgrade in Dečani Monastery between 2009-2012.
   Th significance of each of these days, in particular, is explained by quotations from the Gospel, from the liturgical texts of the Lenten Triodion of the Holy and Great Week, from the sermons of St. John the Chrysostom, St. Bishop Nikolai of Zhicha and St. Father Justin of Chelije.
   Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, Amfilohie who at the time of working on one phase of the film in 2010 was the administrator of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, in the film explains the meaning of all major events in the last week of Christ's life on earth, his suffering for us and the very significance of the Resurrection of Christ.
   Mаnаstir Visoki Dečаni - Pobedilаc smrti - dokumentаrаc, izdаnje Mаn. V. Dečаni 2012.god.
    Visoki Dečani Monastery - The Conqueror of death - a documentary, copyright Visoki Dečani Monastery 2012

    Cinnamon Production, Belgrade

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